CFF 2015 Poster

Caloundra Film Festival 2015

Caloundra Film Festival 2015

August 2015

Early in my journey as a graphic designer, I was contracted to design posters for the recently founded Caloundra Film Festival.

The brief was to design a poster using the logo colours orange and charcoal grey that would raise awareness and interest in the event in the weeks running up to it. To draw attention to the main features of the festival, the films, I sourced high-res images of the posters, usually from the production companies and arranged them in a column similar to how might be done in a cinema. This also helps draw the viewer’s eye down the poster, encouraging them to take in the content detailing the locations of the screenings and the cost of entry.

Looking back, there’s much that I would change but as an early piece of work I’m very happy with it.

CFF 2016 Poster

Caloundra Film Festival 2016

Caloundra Film Festival 2016

August 2016

In 2016, I was hired to once again provide graphic design for the Caloundra Film Festival. I decided to build upon the basic concept of the previous year’s work, but enhance it through a more effective use of space and by introducing more visual interest in the form of contrasting colours and the lighthouse element in the background.

CMF 2017 Poster

Caloundra Music Festival 2017

Caloundra Music Festival 2017

May – September 2017

In early 2017 I had the great pleasure of being contracted once again to provide graphic design services for the Caloundra Music Festival on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

During the previous few months, I had invested much time in improving my understanding of core design principles and more fully mastering the tools and processes used to produce professional work that effectively communicated key content and messages in a visually engaging manner. I think it paid off!

The project involved creating designs for posters, billboards, merchandise, informational booklets, printed and digital ads and even a TV commercial. Almost all of these designs used elements of the fantastic 2017 artwork created by Shelley Murfitt, whose work you can see on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Take a look through the different components of a project I had a great deal of fun working on!

CMF 2017 Pocket Program

Pocket Program

CMF 2017 Pocket Program

August 2017

The largest single component of the CMF project was this 66-page DL-sized Pocket Program providing scheduling details, an illustrated map, artist features, advertisements and general useful information such as terms of entry and ticket conditions.

I wanted to build on my work from the previous year, using the same basic structure from 2016 but streamlining it to remove unnecessary margins and gutters, allowing me to make more use of the limited space. In addition I wanted to use this as an opportunity to impose a strict grid layout to ensure consistent spacing and to ensure elements aligned in a meaningful way.

Due to the large volume of content assigned to each page, I chose 9pt Roboto Condensed Light for the body copy but gave it a relatively large leading of 14pt for ease-of reading. For the headings I used a Breathe, an attractive hand-drawn font which I had used previously in the TV commercial.

The illustrated map used the same bright colour-palette I selected from that year’s artwork and featured custom hand-drawn icons and scenery.

The project also involved some content-writing in the form of the spread on “Assembling Your Festival Survival Team”, which was a fun and light article on the different skills useful at a music festival, and also general content-editing to reduce the volume of text to fit on single pages while retaining key messages and vital information.

CMF 2017 Billboards Mockup


CMF 2017 Billboards

July 2017

To support the online, TV and print marketing, the festival commissioned two billboards in the months preceding the event.

It was a simple and straightforward job to use elements from the bright and vibrant artwork and keep text content to an absolute minimum, delivering the key messages effectively and in an easy-to-read manner for passing drivers and foot-traffic.

CMF 2017 Stubby Cooler


CMF 2017 Merch

July 2017

In addition to the components of the project I had been hired for during the previous year’s festival, in 2017 I was also contracted to provide merch designs for t-shirts, caps, stubby-coolers, water bottles and more.

I enjoyed this portion of the project immensely, particularly in finding a way to convert the full-colour handpainted artwork into designs that could be screenprinted using only one or two colours. After a good deal of trial and error, I found an effective combination of vector processes in illustrator and filters in Photoshop to achieve this.

I was also tasked with creating a selection of typographic designs with a more mature appeal than those based on the bright and colourful artwork.

I provided around 40 designs in total, all collected into a presentational pdf making use of mockups to serve as a fairly accurate representation of final application.

Mini Program

CMF 2017 Mini Program

August 2017

The Mini Program served as a condensed version of the Pocket Program, providing only the most necessary timetable information and the festival map.

Knowing that many designs and layouts would be reused across different media, I ensured that these would be self-contained files from the outset which I could then link into larger documents as and when required, albeit with some resizing.

This approach made short work of this component of the project with only a small fraction, the Funky Forest timetable, having to be designed from scratch.

CMF 2017 Posters


CMF 2017 Poster

June 2017

Making use of the beautiful and vibrant artwork provided by Shelley Murfitt (links below), I initially provided four different designs for the 2017 poster, from which the client selected one to work up fully to completion.

We went with a design that used the artwork elements in a border arrangement, bringing focus to the primary content of the lineup in the centre of the poster. I used uppercase Impact for the lineup font, both to ensure maximium legibility from a distance and to keep it consistent with previous year’s designs, but changed every letter i to lowercase to bring a sense of whimsy to the composition.

The festival required posters in A1, A3 and A4 sizes, so I began from the outset creating one single file and linking it into the A1, A3 and A4 documents and resizing it appropriately. This both radically reduced the workload of producing several posters, but also ensured consistency would be maintained across the different sizes.

You can see more of Shelley Murfitt’s awesome work on Facebook and Instagram.

CMF 2017 Featured Image

TV Commercial

CMF 2017 TV Commercial

August 2017

In the process of providing graphic design services for the festival, the opportunity arose to create a TV commercial to be broadcast regularly as part of the Sunrise breakfast show on Queensland’s Channel 7.

Although I’d previously dabbled in animation and video editing, I had never before produced anything compliant with broadcasting requirements so this project involved a steep learning curve.

The project was on a tight budget, so the focus was on delivering a high-quality, professional commercial using limited resources. I used video footage shot from the previous year’s festival, edited it together in Premier Pro along with some stock beach footage and introduced some immediate visual interest by animating the CMF logo into the clip as separate elements. I stylised the artist names in Illustrator, using some attractive free-for-commercial-use fonts and warping them into interesting shapes using the envelope distort, then animated those in unique and engaging ways in AfterEffects. For the soundtrack, I chose an instrumental segment of “One Summer” by Daryl Braithwait, a very upbeat, feel-good song to accompany the bright, sunny vibes of the visual component.

There was also a strategic dimension to this choice as the response to the Facebook announcement that Daryl would be performing that year was overwhelmingly positive in the 45-70 age range, which was roughly the demographic we were targeting with the TVC, so it made sense to strengthen that association and convert more viewers into ticket buyers.

Timelapse Video Featured Image

Motion Graphics & Post-Production of Geological Timelapse Video

Motion Graphics & Post-Production of Geological Timelapse Video

August 2017

Working with geologists at University of Liverpool and Asiaq Greenland Survey, I added clean and minimal motion graphics titles and captions to their timelapse video of part of their expedition to install equipment to monitor iceberg calving near Nuuk, Greenland.

I overlaid the video with a calming but optimistic soundtrack which supports the environmentally conscious angle of the material but is also subdued enough not to detract from the visual component of the presentation.

More information on the study can be found at