CFF 2015 Poster

Caloundra Film Festival 2015

Caloundra Film Festival 2015

August 2015

Early in my journey as a graphic designer, I was contracted to design posters for the recently founded Caloundra Film Festival.

The brief was to design a poster using the logo colours orange and charcoal grey that would raise awareness and interest in the event in the weeks running up to it. To draw attention to the main features of the festival, the films, I sourced high-res images of the posters, usually from the production companies and arranged them in a column similar to how might be done in a cinema. This also helps draw the viewer’s eye down the poster, encouraging them to take in the content detailing the locations of the screenings and the cost of entry.

Looking back, there’s much that I would change but as an early piece of work I’m very happy with it.

CFF 2016 Poster

Caloundra Film Festival 2016

Caloundra Film Festival 2016

August 2016

In 2016, I was hired to once again provide graphic design for the Caloundra Film Festival. I decided to build upon the basic concept of the previous year’s work, but enhance it through a more effective use of space and by introducing more visual interest in the form of contrasting colours and the lighthouse element in the background.

CMF 2017 Poster

Caloundra Music Festival 2017

Caloundra Music Festival 2017

May – September 2017

In early 2017 I had the great pleasure of being contracted once again to provide graphic design services for the Caloundra Music Festival on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

During the previous few months, I had invested much time in improving my understanding of core design principles and more fully mastering the tools and processes used to produce professional work that effectively communicated key content and messages in a visually engaging manner. I think it paid off!

The project involved creating designs for posters, billboards, merchandise, informational booklets, printed and digital ads and even a TV commercial. Almost all of these designs used elements of the fantastic 2017 artwork created by Shelley Murfitt, whose work you can see on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Take a look through the different components of a project I had a great deal of fun working on!

Timelapse Video Featured Image

Motion Graphics & Post-Production of Geological Timelapse Video

Motion Graphics & Post-Production of Geological Timelapse Video

August 2017

Working with geologists at University of Liverpool and Asiaq Greenland Survey, I added clean and minimal motion graphics titles and captions to their timelapse video of part of their expedition to install equipment to monitor iceberg calving near Nuuk, Greenland.

I overlaid the video with a calming but optimistic soundtrack which supports the environmentally conscious angle of the material but is also subdued enough not to detract from the visual component of the presentation.

More information on the study can be found at

CMF 2016 featured image

Caloundra Music Festival 2016
Graphic Design

Caloundra Music Festival 2016 Graphic Design

August 2016

In the middle of 2016, I provided extensive graphic design services to that year’s Caloundra Music Festival, QLD. It was by far the largest project I had worked on at that stage in my career and I was incredibly excited at the opportunity to test myself as a designer.

The project involved working closely with the festival organisers and media department to create a range of deliverables including posters, billboards, 36-page pocket program, A3 to DL foldable mini program, fence scrim designs, and a range of online digital advertisements and e-newsletter skins.

I was tasked with the design of these deliverables in a style that complimented and incorporated that year’s artwork, created by Scott Denholm, and that emphasized the family-friendly, relaxed, sun-surf-soul nature of the festival.

To achieve this, I created a colour palette based on the artwork and focused my designs around hand-drawn illustrations and bright colourful brushstrokes to draw attention to key areas. I supported this style with a handdrawn festival map, complete with custom icons.

The festival organisers liked my designs and enjoyed working with me so much that they then hired me to produce their volunteer handbooks in a similar style as well as festival signage and bar menus in a handdrawn chalkboard style.

It’s a project I can confidently say I knocked out of the park!

iwantNED featured image

I Want NED Online Vendor Store

iwantned Website Desktop Mockup
iwantned Website Tablet Mockup
iwantned Website Mobile Mockup

I Want NED Online Vendor Store

Launched September 2016

Brainchild of sisters Chloe and Stacey Horder, I Want NED (New Emerging Designers) provides a retail outlet for up-and-coming fashion designers to sell their creations through the online vendor store, avoiding the costly setup for either their own online shops or renting a traditional brick-and-mortar space.

Users can apply to become vendors by submitting their portfolios, initiating the application process. Once approved, they are able to list items in the online shop along with pictures and details of sizes/colours/stock quantities and so on.

Customers can purchase goods either via Paypal or credit/debit cards facilitated by the Stripe platform.

The site also intends to act as a crowdfunding platform allowing young designers to raise the necessary funds for a first garment production run, however this function has been delayed to a later stage of development.

I found this project very rewarding to work on and continue to support because of the opportunites it provides for independent entrepreneurs and its focus on sustainably and ethically produced products.

Check out the full website at

Full Force Fitness Website Feature Image

Full Force Fitness Website

Full Force Fitness Website Desktop Mockup
Full Force Fitness Website Tablet Mockup
Full Force Fitness Website Mobile Mockup

Full Force Fitness Website

July 2016

Full Force Fitness provides a no-nonsense approach to personal fitness. Utilising a mixture of strength and core exercise training along with dietary advice, owner-operators Emil and Amy wanted to connect with clients who appreciate a simpler, more personalised service.

My design for the site made use of a simple and clean organisation of content contrasting dark backgrounds with slightly distressed white typography to convey the raw nature of Full Force Fitness’ service, along with brand colour neon green to draw attention to important areas.

An easy-to-use contact form helps the owners to get in touch with clients interested in their fitness packages and an embedded Instagram feed ensures that their photo gallery is automatically updated as their social media presence evolves.

Check out the full website at

Moonshaker Media Website Screenshot

Moonshaker Media Website

Moonshaker Media Website Desktop Mockup
Moonshaker Media Website Tablet Mockup
Moonshaker Media Website Mobile Mockup

Moonshaker Media Website

December 2016

This talented young videographer commissioned a new portfolio website to effectively communicate to potential clients his unique style and the high calibre of his professional work.

Embarking on a tour of Australia shooting a documentary for a client exploring the potential for sustainable travel using waste vegetable oil as fuel, Moonshaker Media wanted a site that reflected their adventurous nature and flair for the original.

Check out the full website at

Drawn Together featured image

Drawn Together Website

Drawn Together Website Desktop Mockup
Drawn Together Website Tablet Mockup
Drawn Together Website Mobile Mockup

Drawn Together Website

January 2017

This not-for-profit organisation aims to provide creative solutions to vandalism and graffiti in urban centres through providing free-walls on which street artists can develop their talent in a legal and sustainable manner.

They also want to provide a focal point around which the street art culture can grow and achieve recognition as a legitimate art form.

Key requirements for the site were to provide general information on the group’s activities; provide a platform for budding street artists to submit their work for consideration; allow businesses and individuals to contact artists and commission unique works; and facilitate easy reporting of illegally vandalised walls in the local area.

The target audience for this site was wide ranging, from young street artists though local council workers, to older residents wishing to report vandalism. Therefore the site had to be friendly and welcoming, easy to use and also make use of contemporary and attractive design.

Check out the full website at

La Canteena Website Desktop

La Canteena Website

La Canteena Website Desktop Mockup
La Canteena Website Tablet Mockup
La Canteena Website Mobile Mockup

La Canteena Website

December 2015

This brightly coloured, festive Mexican restaurant and beer garden in Maroochydore, QLD wanted a simple-to-navigate website that would show off their casual atmosphere and penchant for rustic palette furniture.

I employed a full-width slider at the top of the site, using a carefully chosen opening slide to double as a landing page, and desaturated photos of the location overlaid with bright pastel colours to clearly define each section of the one-page site.

Using generous negative spacing and friendly but distressed typography, I think I effectively represented the nightspot as a place to come relax and hangout among friends with a chilled margarita and plateful of tacos!

Booking was made super easy through a contact form, sending enquiries straight to the restaurant’s email account.

Check out the full website at