CMF 2017 Pocket Program

August 2017

The largest single component of the CMF project was this 66-page DL-sized Pocket Program providing scheduling details, an illustrated map, artist features, advertisements and general useful information such as terms of entry and ticket conditions.

I wanted to build on my work from the previous year, using the same basic structure from 2016 but streamlining it to remove unnecessary margins and gutters, allowing me to make more use of the limited space. In addition I wanted to use this as an opportunity to impose a strict grid layout to ensure consistent spacing and to ensure elements aligned in a meaningful way.

Due to the large volume of content assigned to each page, I chose 9pt Roboto Condensed Light for the body copy but gave it a relatively large leading of 14pt for ease-of reading. For the headings I used a Breathe, an attractive hand-drawn font which I had used previously in the TV commercial.

The illustrated map used the same bright colour-palette I selected from that year’s artwork and featured custom hand-drawn icons and scenery.

The project also involved some content-writing in the form of the spread on “Assembling Your Festival Survival Team”, which was a fun and light article on the different skills useful at a music festival, and also general content-editing to reduce the volume of text to fit on single pages while retaining key messages and vital information.