CMF 2017 Poster

June 2017

Making use of the beautiful and vibrant artwork provided by Shelley Murfitt (links below), I initially provided four different designs for the 2017 poster, from which the client selected one to work up fully to completion.

We went with a design that used the artwork elements in a border arrangement, bringing focus to the primary content of the lineup in the centre of the poster. I used uppercase Impact for the lineup font, both to ensure maximium legibility from a distance and to keep it consistent with previous year’s designs, but changed every letter i to lowercase to bring a sense of whimsy to the composition.

The festival required posters in A1, A3 and A4 sizes, so I began from the outset creating one single file and linking it into the A1, A3 and A4 documents and resizing it appropriately. This both radically reduced the workload of producing several posters, but also ensured consistency would be maintained across the different sizes.

You can see more of Shelley Murfitt’s awesome work on Facebook and Instagram.