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I Want NED Online Vendor Store

Launched September 2016

Brainchild of sisters Chloe and Stacey Horder, I Want NED (New Emerging Designers) provides a retail outlet for up-and-coming fashion designers to sell their creations through the online vendor store, avoiding the costly setup for either their own online shops or renting a traditional brick-and-mortar space.

Users can apply to become vendors by submitting their portfolios, initiating the application process. Once approved, they are able to list items in the online shop along with pictures and details of sizes/colours/stock quantities and so on.

Customers can purchase goods either via Paypal or credit/debit cards facilitated by the Stripe platform.

The site also intends to act as a crowdfunding platform allowing young designers to raise the necessary funds for a first garment production run, however this function has been delayed to a later stage of development.

I found this project very rewarding to work on and continue to support because of the opportunites it provides for independent entrepreneurs and its focus on sustainably and ethically produced products.

Check out the full website at iwantned.com